lightford committeeSPRINGFIELD – Most of us would agree that if we could do high school all over again, knowing what we now know about how the world works, some of our academic questions and concerns might focus on more practical subjects – maybe simply inquiring about how to get through day-to-day adult life unscathed.

How do I stay out of debt? What is the best way to pay back mounting student loans? How do I prevent the guy in the apartment next door from stealing my identity?

New legislation, sponsored by Senate Assistant Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford (D – Maywood), would require those questions to be answered in Illinois public high schools. Passing the Senate, the legislation would add identity-theft security, consumer debt and higher education loans to the list of mandatory subjects to be covered in high school financial literacy courses.

“Preparing the next generation for life after school takes more than preparing them for college courses or even a specific career,” said Senator Lightford. “It is just as important to prepare our students for the scarier aspects of adult life. We need to teach the next generation how to prepare for and avoid some of the most common and severe real world difficulties as they graduate from school, begin a career and start their own families.”

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The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation is accepting applications for the 2015 Undergraduate Scholarship. This application is for students seeking an undergraduate degree. Applicants should be an accepted student at an accredited institution of higher learning to include community colleges, private institutions and certified vocational training programs.
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Senator Lightford on the floorIt is vital for any state budget to strike a balance – balance between common sense funding necessities for those who need critical services and ensuring that Illinois is fiscally sound and competitive. To achieve a competitively and compassionately balanced budget, Illinois must focus on jobs, education options, services, and above all, people.

Not funding education at a 100 percent rate again this year is simply unacceptable. Ninety-nine percent funding would not be enough, so the proposed 95 percent is certainly not adequate. Furthermore, the possibility of slashing the state’s child care program, worker salaries, Medicaid, and other critical services, while instituting sharper tax cuts for CEOs will not move Illinois forward. It will only lend itself to further alienation and degradation of those unlucky enough to be ill, young, elderly or poor.

Yes, government leaders in positions of power hold many responsibilities, one of which is ensuring a thriving private sector, attractive to business and industry – but not to be forgotten is the awesome responsibility of protecting and serving the people. We cannot fall prey to the idea that we can bring prosperity to Illinois by proposing a budget void of a responsible level of help for the needy. This is not a balanced or feasible approach.

I still hold hope that I can work with this administration to institute a budget relying on justified reform and facilitating job creation.

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