040522HAO00452MAYWOOD – Kimberly A. Lightford, Illinois Senate Majority Leader, was a lead advocate of the passage of Rebuild Illinois and joins the Illinois Department of Transportation to announce an investment of more than $18 million in transportation improvement projects within the next year.

“A strong transportation system is vital to for economic development and plays a key role in ensuring social well-being and prosperity of our communities,” said Lightford (D-Maywood). “Our residents depend on these roads and bridges and improving them will enhance their quality of life and environmental sustainability.”

As part of IDOT’s latest Multi-Year Plan under Rebuild Illinois, Lightford’s district will see 58 infrastructure projects totaling more than $144 million over the next six years. Some of the most vital projects coming to the area include:

•                Street repair in Chicago, Berwyn, Oak Park, and Forest Park on Roosevelt Road from Des Plaines to Belt Railway

•                Street repair in Maywood on Washington Avenue to 1st Avenue

•                Bridge repair in Chicago on Laramie Avenue 

These projects are part of IDOT’s multi-year plan, a $34.6 billion investment in construction projects for the next six fiscal years.  

The $34.6 billion will go to highway reconstruction and preservation, bridge improvements, strategic expansion, system support such as engineering and land acquisition, and safety and system modernizations. Over six years, the funding will be dispersed to improve more than 2,500 miles of roads and nearly 10 million square feet of bridges.

"Over the next six years, our roads and bridges will be improved substantially and will increase the efficiency and road safety for commuters, revitalize our local communities, and create jobs," said Lightford. "These transportation investments will stimulate our economy for years to come by helping foster long-term economic growth by making Illinois transportation system more efficient and reliable." 

To find a full list of projects slated for the 4th Senate District, visit IDOT’s website