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Funding for programs serving children ages birth to three will continue to increase under a proposal that was signed into law today. Assistant Majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford (D-Maywood) led efforts to ensure this funding increase would not sacrifice support for other early childhood programs.

Senate Bill 238 requires 25 percent of any increase in funding for early childhood education must go to birth to three programs.

“Educating our children requires us to invest the proper resources to ensure their success,” Lightford said. “We have made great efforts in improving developmental education over the last ten years. This legislation helps us to continue that work and move toward closing under achievement gaps without taking away from other valuable early childhood education programs.” 

Under current law, Early Childhood Block Grant funds directed to programs for children age 0-3 were required to increase to at least 20 percent of all available block grant funding in 2016. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds the increase would have resulted in a loss of funding for programs that serve children aged 3-5.

SB 238 fixes this unintended consequence. The new law is effective immediately.

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Back to School Event 2016 R

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Saturday June 18, 2016 Senator Lightford and the 4th District Women’s Committee hosted the 8th Annual “We Love Our Men” Prostate Awareness for Father’s Day Event. The 4th District Women’s Committee visited about 20 Barbershops. The committee was accompanied by nurses from Loyola and Loretto Hospital.

During the visits to the shops the medical staff was able to educate the community on early detection, risk and treatment of Prostate Cancer. In addition to providing education, there were over 300 gift bags with Prostate Cancer Awareness information and goodies distributed.

The 8th Annual Prostate Awareness Event was wonderful and was well received by the barbershops' owners and clients. Senator Lightford hopes to continue to stay engaged with the community, especially as it relates to sharing valuable information on Prostate Cancer. It's important to continue communicating on this serious health challenge as an effort to decrease the death rate and increase the importance of early detection.

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Lightford063016SPRINGFIELD- The Illinois Senate sent a proposal to the governor’s desk today that would provide vital funding for schools and human services. Senate Bill 2047 provides stopgap funding to programs for seniors, youth employment, autism, mental health and cancer screenings. Furthermore, the legislation provides funding for P-12 education that ensures schools will open this fall.

“Quality educational opportunities can only come when students are in school, teachers have necessary resources in the classroom and parents have faith that the level of education their child is receiving is outstanding,” Assistant Majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford (D - Maywood) said. “We need to continue working toward equitable funding for our schools, however making sure doors would open in the fall is a top priority right now.”

The West Side Health Authority’s crisis intervention program will receive funding that allows them to continue providing services to West Side residents with critical health needs.  The initiative coordinated in-home wellness visits and case management services to residents.

“Our human service providers have kept their commitment to the most vulnerable populations in our state throughout this impasse,” Lightford said. “I’m glad we’re able to provide some funding to keep them going as this fight continues.”


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